Who We Are

Humanism & Socio-Economical Development Organization (HSDO) is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 2003. Since its inception HSDO had completed several projects financed by foreign and domestic donors on HIV Awareness, Prostitutes Rehabilitation, Street Child Education, Breast Feeding Awareness, Adolescents Health & Nutrition, Autism Care, Disaster Management, Drug Addicted Rehabilitation, Women Empowerment, Stop Domestic Violence, Acid Violence, and Integrated Social Safety Nets etc.

Today HSDO is a national movement dedicated to ending unemployment and poverty. We are known everywhere for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people.

Our Mission

To catalyze ongoing positive transformation in the lives of people, especially disadvantaged educated man and women through equitable opportunity and inclusive development efforts. To enable peoples’ collectives and movements encompassing diverse segments, to pledge their particular strengths, working in partnership to secure, protect and honor the rights of disadvantaged people.

Our Vision

Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and security to become an active and contributing member of our society.


  • To work for the social development of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in Bangladesh;
  • To encourage healthcare development and health promotion;
  • To assist in the process of social integration and personal realization of underprivileged children, young people, adults and families;
  • To endorse the human rights and in particular the rights of the children and young people as well as the rights of underprivileged groups and communities;
  • To encourage and popularize social safety net programs.

Our Focus

We put unemployed in the center because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. Our focus areas include jobs and wages, urban immigration, retirement security, affordable housing, racial justice, social safety net, economic tertiary services and barriers to employment for disadvantaged individuals.

Our Values


We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation—within the world and our own organization.


We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons.


We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve the world’s most complex problems.


We challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning and performance, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact.


We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual; we know that change happens through people.


It makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. It endeavors to relieve the suffering of individuals, being guided solely by their needs, and to give priority to the most urgent cases of distress.